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Pantor Sea lion | Watch Review

Pantor Sea lion.

Pantor Sealion | Watch Review

Most of my review has been about dive watches, by now, you all can tell – the diver watch happens to be my preferred style of watch, as a result, l was keen to review the Pantor brand, l finally had the opportunity courtesy of Pantor to review the latest entry to their dive family the Pantor Sea lion diver watch

Pantor is a Hong Kong microbrand Watch Company that has its eye on exclusive diver watches. Pantor continues to leave its mark on the tradition of mechanical timepieces while offering innovation, attention to detail, premium look and performance at the heart of its designs

One of the things l admire about Pantor is that they have got their eyes and skills set on one particular style of watch (Exclusive Dive watches) maybe for the time been and as they grow, they might decide to branch into other styles in the future.

Pantor Sealion | Watch Review

Pantor Sea lion Specification from manufacture’s website:

  • Movement: Japan Seiko NH35A or Swiss ETA 2824-2
  • Case material: 316L stainless steel
  • Case diameter: 42mm, thickness: 12.6mm
  • Water-resistant: 300m/990ft
  • Sapphire crystal
  • Valve: Automatic Valve at 9H
  • Dial: 1-12H with Swiss C3 Super LumiNova
  • Hands: Swiss C3 Super LumiNova
  • Two straps: rubber and nylon
  • Three colour variant: black version, blue version and green version.
  • Price: $329 Get a 10% discount with code: WNLS10
  • https://www.pantorwatches.com/sealion

On receiving the Pantor Sea lion, l’m wowed with the packaging; the watch came in a nice soft black leather pouch with the brand name written on the top. Touching the case, you could feel the quality of the leather pouch.

Unzip the case and accessories that accompanies the Pantor Sealion greet you. The company has included all you need to get you started with your watch. A strap-changing tool and a Nano strap, just in case you get tired of the silicon rubber strap and you want a change.

Elegant, simplicity and a premium look


The Pantor Sea lion comes with two type of movement depending on your preferred choice but both movements work similarly. Japan Seiko NH35A and Swiss ETA 2824-2.

I could not tell which one l received out of the two movement; there was no way to tell on either the watch or the pouch. Something Pantor needs to take note of.

Pantor Sea lion | Watch Review


Although this sort of vintage case design is popular among other watch brands. using this design for the Pantor Sea lion, goes with the saying “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” and from my perspective, the Pantor Sea lion’s look is different and outstanding. I like the company’s approach to the design of the cushion case, different from their previous SeaHorse model. The case is a highly finished 42mm cushion styled case with a unidirectional bezel.

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There is a helium escape valve at the 9 o’clock position and a screw down crown with the Sea lion badge at 3 0’ clock, nicely finished and very easy to grip. One of the things l normally would watch out for when picking a watch is the crown, and that is how comfortable it feels on the wrist. I spent the week wearing the Sea lion; l did not for once feel the crown digging into my skin to cause discomfort.

At the back is a nicely finished screw down case back engraved with some details of the watch on it e.g. 300mm/990ft, water resistance, and the Pantor Sea lion badge.


The dial has a clean look to it, the hour and minute hand has lumen design. At 12 0′ clock position is Pantor nicely written, also the 6 0’ clock position has the water resistant meters of 300mm and automatic written to signifying the movement of the watch.


Pantor Sealion | Watch Review

Two things stands out on the dial for me.

Firstly is the second hand and the lume arrow head design, I love the way it sweeps adding to the premium look of this watch.

Secondly, All 12 points of the watch are marked with Swiss C3 super Luminova and the brightness under light is exceptional.

The Pantor Sea lion comes in 22mm silicon rubber straps, Pantor provides you with an extra strap as a compliment. The rubber straps are very comfortable to wear and l quite like it. The only downside, which is common problem with all silicon strap, is that they catch dirt quickly, but with a quick wipe, you are good to go.

Elegant, simplicity and a premium look

Overall impression

I am impressed with the Pantor Sea lion with the simple but elegant design powered by a Seiko NH35A or Swiss ETA 2824-2 movement depending on your choice. During my test of the Sealion, l notice that it keeps good time and its worth grabbing.

Have you got a favourite you want to see me review next or any question, please leave a comment below and please subscribe for updates.

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