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Raven venture 42 | Hands on review

Raven venture 42 | Extremely High-Quality Watch

Raven Venture 42
Raven Venture 42

As micro-brands continues ticking boxes such as “quality, attention to detail and craftsmanship you would find in top notch wristwatches like Rolex, Omega and the rest. It has grown to become the go to area for watch enthusiast because you’re not shelling out the price tag in thousands, and still you can have on your wrist a watch that gives the same detail but at an affordable price.

Raven watches

Based on the above mindset did l come across Raven watches, who has got same ideology, at the core of its mission to producing quality crafted wristwatches for the everyday man like you and I.

For those who don’t know much about the brand Raven. The company came out with their first wristwatch back in 2008 called the Raven Night walker and has since then gone on to produce 9 other variant models ranging from 38mm to 45mm case size of automatic movement and Swiss made ETA 2824 watches.

Extremely High-Quality Swiss Watch

I became fascinated with this cool microbrand, when they released the Raven trekker. I was so intrigued by the details, most especially the lume and the look of the watch.

l contacted Steve at Raven watches for a review of the Trekker but unfortunately, it was all sold out, which makes me think, there must be something special about the Raven wristwatches.

This thought sealed my confidence and made me more curious to know more about them.

Raven Venture 42

The newest in the range of Raven is the Raven venture 42

With the news of the Raven venture out for pre-order, l was excited and eager to get one of them and this time l wasn’t going to miss out on this opportunity like the last time.

Most importantly, l was curious as to what Raven would come up with. What would they follow up on in regards to the build and versatility of its predecessor wristwatches?

Manufacturers Specification:

  • REF. – Raven Venture 42
  • MOVEMENT – Swiss made ETA 2824
  • CASE & BRACELET – Grade 316L stainless steel
  • BEZEL INSERT – Matte Ceramic
  • GLASS MATERIAL – Sapphire Crystal Glass
  • WATER RESISTANCE – 300m Diver
  • CASE DIAMETER – 42mm
  • FEATURES – Rotating Bezel, Screw Case Back, Screw-down Crown
  • PRICE – $650
Raven Venture 42

On receiving the Raven venture 42, you could feel what l call ‘the heft of premium’ to this watch. This watch packs in some high-quality parts that l’ll be talking about during this review.

As stated on the company’s website, the Raven venture was designed with adventure in mind, meaning, its intended to be your “go anywhere”, “do anything” wristwatch for your travels or daily pursuit.

Having worn the Venture 42 for about a month, l’m totally in agreement with Raven’s claim. The Raven ventures overall build and quality for an affordable swiss ETA watch is just amazing and one of the keepers for my watch collection.

The Raven Venture Movement

According to Raven, “The Raven Venture houses the Swiss made ETA 2824 movement. A self-winding automatic that beats 8 ticks per second and has a power reserve of 30-40 hours. Produced by ETA, a sub company of the Swatch Group. The 2824 inside the Venture has been regulated for better accuracy”

The Case

The case measures in at 42mm, crafted from anti-allergic medical grade 316L stainless steel, nicely finished. The design reminds me of the Tudor black bay but nothing on this watch suggest or comes off as a copy.

I like the 42mm case size, it sits well on the wrist, just the perfect size for an average wrist.

The bezel insert is a solid matte ceramic, made from a custom mold and filled with superluminova at the markers, adding to the aesthetic of this watch.

The Raven venture subtle look, sets it apart from the rest.

I’ve come to appreciate the subtle look of the bezel, nothing too flashy going on, just the way l like dive watches –  My personal opinion

The 120-unidirectional timing bezel rotates with a tremendously satisfying click, and requires enough force to move meaning, there is no danger of accidentally knocking it or of it going loose.

Still on the bezel, is the ‘30 second marker’ meant to be a reference point for tracking minutes when the timing bezel is being used. its meant for tracking elapsed time with the bezel, such you would find in on the Rolex submariner. This adds to the beautiful design of this watch. Aside from this, this watch is a Win! Win!

The Raven Venture 42 features a double dome sapphire crystal glass screen, a very high scratch resistant glass with no reflection making it easy to read the date and time overall adding to the stylish premium look.

The Dial

A clean dial sets this watch apart, there’s a good length to the hour hand, and the tip of the minute hand just touches the bottom of the minute track. Both hands are coated in superluminova to create an intense glow in the dark, beautiful to look at.

This is one area among other things that makes Raven watches top list when its comes to micro brands. So therefore, if you’re the type that loves your watch lume on point – Raven is the watch for you

A screw down crown signed with the Raven Logo. easily grippable with the fingers and moves smoothly, making setting the date and time on the watch easy.

The case back

The case back features a screw down case cover (just as you would find in expensive watches like (Rolex, Patek Philippe, omega etc.) Beautifully stamped on the case back is the Raven logo, this gives the Venture an edge that sets it apart from the offerings of other micro brands and puts it firmly into luxury Swiss territory.

The Raven venture 42 bracelet is one of the best in the market l’ve come across, also crafted from anti-allergic medical grade 316L stainless steel. Going by feedbacks from our Instagram followers. The bracelet ooze’s premium status, available in two variants, the brushed or sandblast bracelets.

Final thoughts

I could keep raving about Raven venture 42 but my words do not do this watch as much praise and respect that it deserves.

Please be sure to check out the Raven watch collection at

The Raven venture 42 comes in 4 variants to choose from.

The company is currently working on its next project – The Raven Endeavour, a 44mm case, 22mm bracelet. 3D art of this is available on Raven Instagram page.

Did l miss something out, or have some other micro brand you would like to see us talk about? Please leave us comment below.

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  1. Fantastic review Sir ????
    Everything well written and described. Makes me thinking about buying it, althougj I would like to reduce my collection ?
    Keep going, I can‘t wait for the next one. Greetings from Germany

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