Basic Steps To Buying a Quality and Affordable watch.

Basic Steps to Buying a Quality Affordable watch

Have you been thinking about buying a quality watch lately?

Well for many reasons (depending on our budget) we all want to buy that timepiece at a reasonable and affordable price e.g. maybe you are trying to add to your current collection of watches or for that special event coming up.

Whatever the reason might be, we all like to be complimented on how we have styled our dressing, most especially our watches.

A quality watch does not come short of the above reason, the style and brand are essential because every watch is a reflection of our lifestyle. Therefore, if you will like your next watch to attract the eye of others while being on a budget and maybe getting a compliment or two from those around you, looking no further. Here are my basic steps to buying a quality and affordable watch.

3 Steps to Buying you next Quality Affordable watch

Step 1: Knowledge is Key

You need to know your watch and what it does, get yourself familiar with the brands and styles out there. There are tonnes of different style of watches from different brands released yearly, and therefore you need to be up to date if your knowledge is limited in this regard.

The sort of question I will be asking myself would be “what is the brand I want and why?” “What function would I like on my next watch? A stopwatch function or chronograph, perhaps” these are some of the vital questions in navigating you to your next purchase. To find an answer to these questions, you might need to visit few watch stores that sell your favourite brand and speak to an expert that can educate you.

At this stage, you are not looking to buy yet but just gaining knowledge and familiarising yourself with what your next watch to be.

Looking online through different watch review websites is another way. Check on YouTube or watch blogs can be useful. By so doing you can find out if, you really really want your desired watch brand and style because what’s the point buying a watch and after 3 – 6 months down the line, you lost the joy you once had for the watch in the first place. I’m guilty of this charge, l never did my homework well and just rushed into getting a watch, at the long run, I’m having to gift it away to someone else.

Therefore, be sure to go for a timepiece that every time you look at the time on your wrist, the feeling you get is still as fresh as the first day you set your eyes on it.

Step 2: Understand the True Value

Basic Steps to Buying a Quality Affordable watchStill, on the basic steps to buying a quality and affordable watch is understanding the Value the watch adds to your style. Right now, you are probably thinking about the price, true but sometimes the value of your watch goes beyond the money you use in buying the watch.

The true value, in this case,  is how you intend to use the watch, how much do you really want the watch, maybe after trying it on at the watch store. Are you looking to use it as part of your everyday wear or is it going to be amongst one of those bad boys that only comes out on a special occasion? The edge or level of confidence it gives you when you wear it, all of this adds true value.

Basic Steps to Buying a Quality Affordable watch

The price tag on your watch is another value on its own, pricing is important. E.g  Luxury watch brands like Hublot, omega, Rolex etc. their value are projected by the price tag, and ultimately by the dynamic mechanisms inside the watch but since the keywords, we’re after is ‘Affordable and Quality’, our driving force behind our choice and brand, which leads us nicely to our final guide.

Step 3: Deals on your desired brand / Style  

We all like a bargain and feel great when we find one, like on our next affordable quality watch.

There are few online retailers that offer amazing knock-down prices. However, as you search the internet looking for a bargain on your next purchase.

It’s worth noting that as you search for deals, be cautious that you are buying from a reputable watch store, one you can rely on. Find out what the return policy are, how much warranty you have should in case you change your mind or if the watch develops a fault after few months of purchase.

Basic Steps to Buying a Quality Affordable watch                    

Are you thinking of buying from an online retailer? Be sure to read reviews, this is a way to tell, if the watch is durable and would stand the test of time, therefore make sure you read the experience of customers who have reviewed their purchase of the brand/style you’re looking to purchase.

Although sometimes their opinion does not surpass your finding as people opinion are different and sometimes are not a true reflection of the product in question.

There go my 3 Basic Steps to Buying a Quality Affordable watch. Let me know what you think, let us keep the discussion flowing. Did l miss anything out? Please leave me a comment and remember to subscribe to me and to my Instagram page.

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