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My name is Femi, I’m a husband, watch enthusiast and a Gentleman’s lifestyle fan.


My passion

Our goal is to add more value to your world by giving you tips on types or wristwatches / accessories and especially Micro brands and general lifestyle information.  A timepiece or an accessory you carry doesn’t just tell you the time or adorn you, it makes a statement about the wearer, therefore we’re hoping to write about different micro-brands watch in their variant styles and accessories to compliment. It’s also worth noting that I’m not in anyway an expert, as a result, if l miss anything, please fell free to point it out.

So you can look forward to seeing watches that don’t get so much limelight but are cool, classy and will do justice to that special occasion you’re planning for.

We want to share our passion for watches with you. I’ll be bringing you shots and guides on smart, Luxury and affordable timepieces without you having to break the bank and also a look into London Lifestyle and General Lifestyle tips.

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Here’s a thought to leave you with

“You can never be overdressed or overeducated” – Oscar Wilde

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